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RedÖDOS: Blockchain to share business processes across organizations

The RedÖDOS blockchain platform supports: Cases management, Health, psychological and legal interventions management and Family tracing

Red ÖDOS is a pilot initiative to protect women and children reaching Europe from Africa at risk of being trafficked. Save the Children, Cáritas Española, University of Comillas or Loyola Andalucía among other 23 organizations are part of the Red ÖDOS, led by Fundación EMET Arcoiris, to bring support to those women and children.

The challenges

More than 63504 migrants, 938 women with children, reached Spain from Africa. They mostly lack proof of identity.

Red ÖDOS needed to collaborate among organizations, sharing sensitive personal data of the migrants and generating some proof of existence and identity.

But also, they needed to respect GDPR and give transparency to donors. 

We agreed that these challenges needed to be solved:

  • Support their processes through a platform
  • Share data that all the stakeholders trust
  • Generate proof of identity for the migrants

Our solution

We worked with Fundación EMET Arco Iris to create the RedÖDOS blockchain platform.

RedOdos gif

The RedÖDOS blockchain platform supports:

  • Cases management
  • Health, psychological and legal interventions management
  • Family tracing
  • Transfers between organizations
  • External legal support
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Privacy and security by design

RedOdos gif 2Results

The ÖDOS blockchain platform is built with a ReactJS+NextJS in the frontend, Django in the backend, Metabase for data analysis and a blockchain-based data backbone in Hyperledger Besu for digital identity and transfers.

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