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What is a conversational AI platform and what is it used for?

Advantages and benefits of managing your messaging channels from a single panel with a sole inbox

A conversational platform is a technological solution based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows people to interact with machines by emulating a human conversation. 

Conversational AI platforms arise in response to the challenges brought by the multiplication and diversification of communication channels and message formats. And they are developed especially in a context in which the idea of conversation with customers acquires great relevance.

Today we can communicate in the personal and professional sphere through multiple channels, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, webchats... As users and customers we have a wide range of alternatives for interaction, and we are clear and demanding marking our preferences. 

Companies are aware that if they want to reach their customers, they have to be where they prefer to talk. A toll free 800 number and an email are no longer enough. That's why they are going beyond these approaches and building conversational strategies that include various communication channels. 

And the most important thing: beyond the message, the focus is now on the conversation. So the emphasis is on building long-lasting and continuous relationships to satisfy known or new needs.

What is a conversational AI platform used for?

What we say above reflects that the challenges are not only on how to be in the right channels to reach the desired audiences, but also on how to manage, automate and monitor with maximum efficiency big volumes of diverse conversations to offer customers and users relevant, convenient and real-time interactions.  That's what a conversational AI platform provides.  

In short, conversational AI platforms help companies - as well as other entities and non-profit organizations - to manage, automate, monitor and analyze the conversations they have with their customers and users. 

At Wealize we have developed a deep background in creating digital tools that help accelerate the management, automation and monitoring of conversations in a simple, efficient, secure and measurable way.

gifcoloqAfter successful experiences in conversational AI, we created the conversational AI platform coloqio, a product that gathers this knowledge and that we customize to the specific needs of each company, whether in the field of marketing, sales or customer service.

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Main features of conversational AI platforms

Based on our experience with coloqio, we highlight key features that provide companies and customers with significant advantages and benefits of using conversational AI platforms:

Single inbox

The single inbox is essential in a conversational AI platform. It allows enterprises to integrate multiple conversational channels, as well as manage and control the conversations.

The integration of various channels - Facebook Messenger, Webchat, WhatsApp Business and other messaging types - is key to scale the business conversational ecosystem. Companies have to be on customers' preferred channels to reach them, as well as new audiences. 

And talking about reaching new audiences, it is important to emphasize the importance of the conversational platform being able to integrate WhatsApp Business API, as it is nowadays one of the most widely used messaging channels worldwide.

In addition, this single inbox facilitates, among other things, the development of a consistent conversational experience across channels. At the same time, it enables the contents personalization according to the channel and writing several recipients at the same time.  

Conversational manager

Monitoring and managing the conversations that take place across different channels is another vital function of conversational AI platforms. 

From a single conversational dashboard, the platform user can monitor conversations and interactions; respond personally or carry out real-time monitoring of human-intervened conversations; send mass responses; define statuses, tags and calls; create rules and alerts to adapt the conversational AI assistant to business processes, and manage all conversational AI assistants.

Conversational AI assistants

Conversational AI assistants are a pillar of conversational platforms. They replace the communication work of humans in those conversations and interactions where automation is possible. 

These conversational AI chatbots operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In this way, they help to increase efficiency and generate time to devote to growth objectives, as well as to improve customer service and experience.

The automation of conversations with these AI conversational agents makes it possible to provide answers to recurring and routine queries without losing the personal touch or limiting the user or customer experience.

Compared to traditional chatbots, conversational AI assistants offer natural and fluid conversations. In the article "Conversational AI versus chatbots", we explain how AI allows chatbots to have a series of workflows that are constantly enriched with new data. In short, AI makes these conversational assistants intelligent and dynamic, so they can provide relevant, convenient and timely conversations, resulting in a rewarding customer experience.

Integration with other software and business processes

The conversational platform must serve the enterprises as an orchestrator of its conversational data. To do so, it should integrate with any CRM, for instance Salesforce or Zoho, as well as with other software, making it easy to take full advantage of all resources. 

For example, our conversational AI platform coloqio allows many actions: saving conversations and users, and all associated information; exploiting data with Metabase, Power BI and other data analysis tools; enabling public and private data sources and integrations across functions; connecting with business processes and other platforms; and automating enterprise services.

Benefits and advantages of managing communication channels with a conversational AI platform

Explaining what it is for and its main features, we have already outlined benefits and advantages of using a conversational AI platform, with a single inbox, to manage interactions across multiple channels from a single dashboard. 

All in all, here is a list of the main advantages for companies of using a conversational AI platform such as coloqio, as well as the benefits for their customers. We hope this will provide you with criteria to consider implementing a conversational AI solution in your business.

5 benefits for your customers of using a conversational AI platform

Immediacy, no wait, around the clock, 24/7

The annoyance of waiting on hold during a call or the impossibility of communication at certain times or days disappears. The response of conversational assistants is immediate and the average time to resolve queries is less than that of a human.  

No frustration, receiving relevant and accurate answers

As soon as customers ask their questions, they get a response from the conversational AI assistant that answers in a natural way and with specific and relevant information. In short, it answers customers' questions like a human. Conversational assistants, such as coloqio also transfer queries to an agent when necessary. 

A personal touch in the interaction

The ability to integrate the conversational AI platform with CRMs facilitates the personalization of interactions to bring that expected personal touch, and the creation of conversational context. All of this enhances the customer experience and, therefore, improves customer satisfaction. 

A convenient customized experience

Conversational AI platforms allow for consideration of customer preferences, as they can interact with brands on their favorite channel (the website, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) and talk in the language they prefer with conversational AI assistants.

The comfort of talking from home or from the office

Thanks to conversational AI platforms, customers can solve their queries and complete tasks comfortably from home, or from the office: get information about products or services, request help with a procedure, share documents, ask for a quote, make an order...  

5 advantages for enterprises of using a conversational AI platform 

Business scalability

Companies receive thousands of queries every day and more and more.  This increases the workload and sometimes it is impossible to answer requests in time. Conversational AI platforms help companies respond to customers in a timely manner, resolving up to 80% of queries. In addition, the diversity of channels and 24/7 availability enable them to expand their audience.  

Lead qualification with high conversion rates

Conversational AI also ensures a simple form-filling process, making it easier for the sales team to act more quickly on leads. For example, they ask potential customers questions to qualify them as leads and then propose actions such as booking an appointment or calling an agent. 

Additional sales opportunities

Conversational AI  platforms allow companies to take customer preferences into account and offer the best upsell at the right time. Conversational AI assistants can also be used to reduce cart abandonment by answering customer questions instantly and encouraging them to complete their purchases. 

More efficiency

Customer service is resource-intensive, especially if you need to respond to inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week and in multiple languages. Conversational AI platforms help reduce the workload, so that the staff can spend their time on what's important: scaling the business and satisfying customers. 

Moreover, with conversational AI, companies do not have to add additional agents to manage scale, can reduce human error and be available 24×7 without having to dedicate extra resources. 

Improved customer insight and understanding

Conversational AI platforms should capture customer data and use them to better know and understand their customers behavior and expectations (as is the case of coloqio). In this way, enterprises can take appropriate actions to improve their customers' experience. This, in turn, makes clients more satisfied, which keeps them coming back and increases loyalty and sales. 

If you are considering using the benefits and advantages of a conversational AI platform to scale your business, we encourage you to contact us. We will discuss your needs and how to customize our coloqio product so that it fully fits your business. 

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