Why and how to use WhatsApp Business API to scale your conversational ecosystem

In addition to enhancing content dissemination and reach, build permanent and meaningful relationships with WhatsApp and a conversational AI platform

WhatsApp has become the most widely used messaging tool worldwide, regardless of gender, age or social group. Its network impact has managed to bring together all generations, fathers, mothers, children, grandmothers, grandchildren..., of any personal or professional profile. From the gentleman who serves us daily at the bakery around the corner to prominent figures in the movies or sports, WhatsApp is in everyone's life.

It is a channel in which all its users feel comfortable, a channel that they handle without difficulties. That is why they have embraced it to communicate and chat on a daily basis practically all over the world, whether looking for speed in conversation or the comfort of being able to start a communication at one moment of the day and finish it hours later without losing that pleasant feeling of a direct and close contact.

WhatsApp is thus synonymous with closeness and familiarity, flexibility, immediacy, convenience and ease. The simplicity of its interface has been key for people of all ages to use this tool and feel it as belonging to them. Its main function, writing text messages, is not so different from the old SMS, which makes it easy to navigate even for those who are not digital natives. It's a truly inclusive channel. 

The habit of communicating via WhatsApp in everyday life has also moved to the world of companies and organizations. They understand that their customers and employees feel comfortable not only talking through this channel, but also managing the exchange of all kinds of information and content, engaging and solving things via WhatsApp at work as they do at home with their families. 

In our article What is and what is a Conversational AI platform and what is it used for,  we encourage you to explore the advantages and benefits of managing, automating and monitoring conversations on all communication channels - Facebook Messenger, web chat, Whats App... - using a bespoke software and artificial intelligence (AI).  We refer to our conversational AI platform coloqio.

In this post we focus on the usefulness of coloqio to get the most out of WhatsApp Business API, which is presented as an ideal way to scale conversational strategies, and thus, the results of companies and organizations. 

You've reached this point and, both those of you considering using WhatsApp and those of you who already do, are wondering: what's the next step? How do I really get the most out of WhatsApp Business API? Which tool do I need to boost my conversational strategy with WhatsApp Business API?

Book a discovery meeting and we talk about how to make the most of WhatsApp with Coloqio A model coupling: Coloqio and WhatsApp Business API, an award-winning conversational platform paired with a leading messaging channel

Our proposal is called coloqio, a conversational AI platform capable of integrating multiple messaging channels, in addition to WhatsApp.

Coloqio allows you to manage messages from different channels in the languages you want from a single inbox; automate interactions with conversational AI assistants; monitor conversations and implement human intervention when necessary; and analyze what happens during communication with users and customers in order to improve or adjust strategies. 

Perhaps some of you are already using a chatbot without the expected results. Be assured that this is not more of the same....


Coloqio, far beyond traditional chatbots

First of all, coloqio is a conversational AI platform that can be adapted to the needs of each company or organization. It is not a closed digital product or software, but a flexible conversational solution designed with the ability to match different requirements, depending on priorities and sector of activity. 

Secondly, coloqio uses conversational AI assistants that, through Machine Learning techniques, interact in a natural and logical way. These are next-generation conversational assistants, which are custom-built to converse with human logic and contribute to the creation of experiences. If you want to explore the differences between traditional chatbots and next-generation conversational assistants, you will find details in our article Conversational AI versus chatbots

The question is not only how many requests and customers can be handled through conversational automation, but also with what level of experience and with which outcomes. This is why it is critical to have conversational AI assistants able to initiate and deliver logical and rewarding communications to users and customers. There is no point in employing a channel with enormous conversational potential, such as WhatsApp, if we do not do what is necessary to ensure that the expectations of customers and users are met.

To get the most out of any channel and, especially WhatsApp, which is a conversational tool par excellence, it is necessary to have conversational AI agents that behave like humans who, in addition to solving the challenge of the workload through automation, do so with quality. That is, they must be tools that manage to build relationships by conversing, allowing the creation of seamless and rewarding conversational experiences. 

Coloqio is an award-winning and proven conversational AI platform capable of integrating with other software or CRMs

If in addition to moving beyond traditional chatbots, you seek the peace of mind of a proven and reliable product, capable of integrating with other software or CRM of your organization, in Wealize you will find a perfect ally, Official Business Service Provider of WhatsApp API and partner of Google Business Messages, to help you carry out your conversational strategy. 

Our conversational AI platform coloqio has proven its success integrating multiple messaging channels, being the results achieved with WhatsApp specially relevant. In fact, the conversational AI solution we developed for Maldita was awarded the European Prize in the Innovation category in 2021. You can read about it in European Press Prize for Maldita: a story of sucessful AI chatbots.

WhatsApp's own representatives describe Maldita's conversational AI assistant as "one of the best fact-checking chatbots created for this channel", which reflects our ability to tailor our conversational AI solution to the needs of each company or organization. 

Another example of application of our conversational AI platform coloqio is YoTengoBot, chatbots for immigration lawyers. In this case, in addition to WhatsApp Business API, other messaging channels were integrated, and spectacular results were achieved in the management of conversations in several languages, lead qualification and conversion rates. 

If you are looking for an ally to develop a tool tailored to your needs and your business so you get the most out of WhatsApp Business API, in Wealize you will find an expert and experienced partner and a reliable conversational AI platform, coloqio, that we will adapt to your requirements to help you scale your business with satisfying and fluent conversational experiences. 

Book a discovery meeting and we talk about how to make the most of WhatsApp with Coloqio

Reasons to include WhatsApp Business in your conversational strategy

Above we have outlined in our introduction several reasons that make WhatsApp Business API an ideal vehicle to enhance the conversational ecosystem of any company or entity.

Let's explore these points in more detail. And we will see that the conversational potential of WhatsApp deserves a tool that gets the most out of it and to allow you to focus your time and resources on what really matters: improve the customer and user experience and scale the business.

A matter of figures. WhatsApp is a tool to increase the reach and dissemination of content among the current and potential audiences

WhatsApp is the messaging channel with the highest number of users, and it doesn't have a spam folder!  According to Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, this instant messaging service registers two billion active users per month and has a presence practically all over the world.  It is used in 128 countries and statistics show that it handles more than 60 billion messages and 1.6 billion photos every day. According to marketing firm Baum Digital, 80% of Asians, Europeans and Latin Americans are regular users of WhatsApp on a daily basis as their main means of communication.

For all these reasons, it is ideal to reach new local and international audiences, and also to be close to those who already know you, to make yourself more present in the communication channel that has won the hearts of all audiences. We explain it below.

The heart of the users and customers has the say. They have their preferences and WhatsApp is the favorite channel in practically every part of the globe

Whether or not it is true the saying that the heart has its reasons, which reason does not know, the reality gives us more than reasonable figures to consider WhatsApp as a communication channel.

According to Meta, 75% of adults want to communicate with companies and organizations through the same channel as with their family and friends. Hubspot tells us that 9 out of 10 buyers would prefer to use instant messaging to interact with a company. While the norm is to disconnect from emails and everything else when possible, WhatsApp users tend to be always connected. The average person checks WhatsApp more than 25 times a day. It is a matter of preferences, indeed. And real love brings great facts: Publishing the WhatsApp phone number on a website generates a 32% increase in sales, some statistics point out.

experiencia conversacional

Feelings are kept alive through conversation. Therefore, in advanced communication models, the main focus is no longer on the message, but on the conversational experience, and WhatsApp is ideal for that

Companies and organizations need to build permanent, long-lasting and gratifying relationships with their customers and users. And, in principle, they want the same. Therefore, as we pointed out above, it is essential to be where customers like to be. The next step is to build and reinforce relationships, and this is not achieved by just sending a message, it requires conversation, which is also what today's customers expect. 

For a customer to initiate a relationship and then maintain it, it is key to enjoy the experience. That's why the idea of conversation is so vital. Other media serve only to provide and receive information, but not to have a conversation, not to generate that feeling of closeness and direct contact, not to build and enrich relationships.  

Conversation is dialogue, it is interaction, it is continuous feedback, it allows to adapt the message, and to increase the knowledge of the audience; therefore, it is ideal for creating experiences. And in this sense, WhatsApp has great advantages. Let's see them!

Book a discovery meeting and we talk about how to make the most of WhatsApp with Coloqio


WhatsApp is a very flexible channel, because it supports a wide range of formats -text, images, videos, links and other types of files-. In the right context, this allows to create and share more than just content, it allows to create experiences. As a company or organization, we will use this flexibility to adapt the same message to the characteristics of the audience and to each situation, that is, to implement a richer and more efficient conversational strategy, considering the phase of the customer or user's journey. The conversational AI platform coloqio is your ally in the management and control of these conversations.

WhatsApp's flexibility is also reflected in its suitability to engage in conversations on the fly. Users do not lose the feeling of a direct conversational experience even if the interaction starts at one moment and continues or ends hours later. They always feel that they are talking fluidly, without interruptions, and that they can do so with flexibility, i.e. whenever they want.

This flexibility to chat "on the fly" is a highly valued advantage for users because it gives them independence. It allows them to launch queries at any time of the day without being subject to rigid opening hours. They can ask questions whenever they want and see the answer at the time that suits them best. This feature is very useful for achieving excellence in customer service or purchase consideration experiences. 

And regardless of schedules, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, companies and organizations can also operate, sending notifications or reminders at any time with a conversational AI platform such as coloqio, which allows scheduling messages and automating conversations through conversational AI assistants. 

flexibilidad e independencia con whatsapp


WhatsApp is instant interaction. It allows a fluid, uninterrupted, direct and fast conversation. This perception of immediacy, of being able to save time, is in some contexts fundamental for the conversational experience to be rewarding. This is seen not only in customer service processes, but also during conversations at other stages, such as shipping or product delivery. 

This immediacy generates trust and peace of mind, thus promoting the continuation of a relationship that is being initiated; it avoids frustration caused by waiting, achieving a feeling of calm and satisfaction, and it also infuses -because time and space go hand in hand- the feeling of intimacy and proximity that arises in a face-to-face conversation. Conversational AI assistants such as coloqio, compared to basic chatbots, are key to achieving a instant, seamless, close, trustworthy and satisfying relationship. 


WhatsApp is a channel that feels warm, close, familiar. At the beginning of the post we told how it has managed to bring together users from different generations and lifestyles. Therefore, beyond the decision to be in a specific channel, there is the consideration of how to get closer to the audience, to ask yourself with which media you can achieve more intimacy.

And chatting on whatsapp is like chatting with people at home. 

That feeling of closeness that this channel already generates, is a huge advantage to achieve the desire to start and maintain a conversation. Let's say that the conversational experience is born with a plus bonus.  

Let's not lose this additional bonus and let's use digital tools with AI as a coloqio to make the most of it!

comodidad whatsapp business api


Talking on whatsapp is easy for everyone, interactions are not only rewarding for its richness of formats, for being a close and immediate channel that can be used whenever you want. It is also an intuitive tool for its users. It is therefore ideal for promoting interactions with the logical and fluid rhythm of face-to-face conversations. It does not hinder its users; on the contrary, it is designed to be convenient and easy to use.

Let's make the most of that friendliness and eliminate any possibility of interruptions, let's avoid discomfort by providing customers and users with conversational AI assistants that make the interaction just as logical and intuitive, that generate the same experience of simplicity and convenience. 

If you are looking for an ally to develop a tool tailored to your needs and your business to get the most out of WhatsApp Business API, in Wealize you will find an expert and experienced partner and a conversational AI platform, coloqio, that we will adapt to your requirements to help you scale your business with rewarding and seamless conversational experiences. 

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