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POLDER: share and monetize data on a decentralized basis

The POLDER project is a solution aimed at smart cities for the exchange, re-utilization and monetization of data

The POLDER project is a solution aimed at smart cities for the exchange, re-utilization and monetization of data.

POLDER is currently being developed by a consortium of 15 organizations from four European countries in the framework of ITEA3 EUREKA. POLDER is built on FiWARE.

Wealize is leading the exchange and monetization of data with its own solution called Libra, which is crafted using blockchain.  

Starting point

A European venture that embraces design, development and deployment of a software tool set 

The objective of the project is to support governments in policy making, while providing services to related third parties to make the business model feasible.



Each urban location is managed separately and there is a plethora of agents managing the data: 

  • Data suppliers
  • Data modelers
  • Data consumers

To design and develop the best urban policies, smart cities need some capabilities for data management: 

  • Reutilization and Mixing 
  • Anonymization or Pseudonymization
  • Compliance
  • Audit and Control 
  • Monetization

Our solution

At wealize we have delivered a solution
based on FiWARE that provides
policy makers with a customized control panel.  

Wealize has brought Libra to the table.
Our solution is a decentralized data hub
for FiWARE based on Hyperledger Besu.

Libra brings to FiWARE decentralised
capabilities for data governance, record,
audit, monetization and authentication.



Libra is a FiWARE module that will allow to manage the market of generated and consumed data considering the diversity of sources and destinations of these. The innovation behind: City governments will be able to decide the number of sensors needed as well as the quality level of these. The result will be a method plus the implementation of an algorithm to support this decision.

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