Digital Product wins the European Press Prize 2021 has won the European Press Award in the innovation category for putting technology at information service.

After three years of being finalists, finally has won the European Press Prize, so long awaited and deserved. And they have done so in the innovation category, for putting technology at the service of information.

26,000 users in just one year

At the beginning of the pandemic, the growing misinformation about the virus was an opportunity for to grow. As you read in previous posts, a non-profit organization whose aim is to provide citizens with "a tool to keep them out of trouble".

With this in mind, and the challenge of the misinformation caused by the pandemic, they set out to launch a whatsapp chatbot to automate the responses that they dealt with on a daily basis. They had a more than qualified team, as has been demonstrated with this recognition, but they could not cope with answering the growing number of questions and denying the fake news that appeared in the media every day.

Today, after almost a year in operation since the launch of the bot, carried out in collaboration with Wealize, Maldita is able to help 26,000 people, 61% of whom use the service on a recurring basis. This bot has already sent more than 400,000 messages and received 108,000 requests for content to be verified or denied. This makes it, in the words of Whatsapp representatives, one of the best fact-checking chatbots created for this channel.

Maldita's metrics

This bot has not only increased the reach of verified information to users, but has also improved the journalists of this association. They can now better serve the community and be more effective, as they can now focus on delivering value. For this reason, since 2017 they have been part of the International Fact-Checking Network as signatories of its Code of Principles and they are the only Spanish media that formed part of the European Commission's High Level Group on fake news and disinformation in 2018.

All this has meant that merit after merit, after several nominations in recent years, has won this well-deserved award that recognizes the efforts of its entire team. From Wealize we are very happy for them and we hope to see them reach new goals in a short time.

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