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Interactvty: Unleash your business on Smart TVs with OTT

We worked with Interactvty analyzing their coding, compiling and publishing workflows to automate the delivery of new brands apps.

Interactvty is an OTT platform for brands looking to develop their own Smart TV apps. They claim “Interactvty is the Wordpress for SmartTV”. Interactvity allows brands to deploy SmartTV apps for Android mobile, Android TV, iOS, Apple TV, HTML5, Samsung and Rakuten.

They include disruptive ways of engagement with users called interactvties and generate new incomes.

The Challenges

The Interactvty platform initially allowed to select different OTTs on-demand and consume a wide range of series and films according to the user's demand. 

Wealize implemented a way to connect different synchronised devices through Interactvty that allows for user "interactvties".

The Challenges:

  • Interoperability between SmartTV and mobile devices, improving the “second screen” user experience.
  • The ability to display ads according to providers' settings
  • Optimize the workflow for rapidly developing and publishing the new brand apps in different platforms based on templates.

Our approach

We worked with Interactvty analyzing their coding, compiling and publishing workflows to automate new brands' delivery.

We also redesign and implemented the Interactvty brand across all their apps templates.

We improve the TV & second screen workflows.

We implemented different advertisements options.

One code to rule them all

One of the most relevant outcomes of this project was the ability to produce native apps for five different technologies with practically the same code.

We use a mix of React Native code (95%) plus native modules (5%) to deliver the same native experience in Android mobile, AndroidTV, iOS mobile, AppleTV and HTML5 web displays.

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