The ÖDOS Program, a benchmark for digital transformation with blockchain

Wealize has developed for Emet Arcoiris a blockchain platform to ensure transparency and GDPR compliance

The Ödos Program, which aims to protect women and children arriving from Africa at risk of being victims of trafficking, receives one recognition after another. This initiative promoted by the EMET Arcoiris foundation is part of the Humanitarian Care Program of the Spanish Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration.

In February of this year, EMET Arcoiris was awarded the Andalusian Flag for Human Values for its ÖDOS Program, and recently received the Internet 2022 Awards in the Digital Transformation category. Two consecutive awards in a single year.

Wealize we have helped with the development of this program created to support human mobility with a clear focus on gender and children. And we celebrate with enthusiasm these awards that reward the effort and hard work of EMET Arcoiris. We strongly support its inspiring objectives and are pleased that blockchain technology contributes to boosting projects that seek to guarantee human rights.

Our contribution: a blockchain platform to ensure transparency and privacy in data management and GDPR compliance

From Wealize we worked with the EMET Arcoiris Foundation to create the RedÖDOS blockchain platform, aimed at enabling following main tasks:

  • Interoperability among organizations
  • Data transfer between NGOs and other involved entities 
  • File management 
  • Health, psychological or legal interventions
  • Recording of external legal support
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Family tracing

You can further explore more details of this project in our article RedÖDOS: Blockchain to share processes across organizations

More about the ÖDOS Program and its commitment to support human mobility

The ÖDOS Program has a clear focus on gender and children. It offers personalized welcome and guidance plans for migrant women and children and, most importantly, prevents these people from becoming victims of trafficking. 

We are very proud to have the opportunity to contribute with digital products - what we do best - to build a better world, full of life and future, for everyone. 

blockchain for RED Ödos migrants

If you want to learn more about this initiative or how we can help you boost your social project with digital products, contact us and we will talk about how we can assist your organization. 

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