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Digital Studio or Software Factory... Which one do you prefer?

Get to know the key points for choosing the kind of software development company, you would like to work with.

Your organization needs a tailor-made app. You realize that there are many different types of software companies to deal with the project. And the uncertainty arises: Who is the ideal partner?

Let us not mince our words, wealize is a software company and defines itself as a digital studio. We know the kind of partner we want to be for our clients. And we are also convinced about our vision of crafting digital products with real-world impact.

In this post, we will try to be neutral and present some differences between a digital studio and a software factory. So you can make up your own mind to decide which alternative suits your requirements and fits with the work culture of your team. 

Truth is that initially both options are equally valid. That's why we encourage you to ask you some questions before you decide on one: digital studio or software factory.

¿How relevant is the project for your business?

Ask yourself how the software impacts your organisation. Do I really need a custom-made digital product to meet the business goals? Can I take advantage of the market opportunities without a specific and tailor-made tool? 

If the application you want to develop is not a determining driver for your company, the software factory could be your solution. It will offer you a standard product fulfilling your requirements with the level of support that you specify. 

But if you are considering the project as an investment in the future, if you seek out a tailor-made development because it is essential for the operations and growth of your business, then you will find in the digital studio your perfect ally. We explain why with one of our success stories: 

With the leitmotif ‘Journalism to not be fooled’, ​​is an independent journalistic platform focused on the control of disinformation and public discourse through fact-checking and data journalism techniques. To avoid disinformation is its reason for being. During COVID-19 pandemic, Maldita team was overwhelmed with requests. A tailor-made digital solution was a must for the team to meet the organisation goals. 

Wealize made a Chatbot for WhatsApp based on the technology to mechanise the work. Maldita did not just achieve its mission, but also improved the customer service. This has been recognised with the European Press Prize 2021 in the innovation category, for placing technology at the service of information.

Without the high level of commitment and collaboration between both parties, digital study and client, it would have been very difficult to attain this achievement. And here comes consequently a second question...

What level of engagement do you expect from the company that develops your software? 

You will say that a high level, or even full engagement. That's reasonable, you aspire to receive the most from your supplier. You are demanding and expecting the utmost in product and service. But what do you mean by the ‘utmost’? Are you talking about delivering the briefing requirements on time? Are you thinking about having an integrated team in your company that supports you from the scope project definition to the project delivery? Do you wish to find a proactive and collaborative attitude? Or do you simply want the deliverables on time, and that's it? 

If going deeper in matters like design, product discovery, UX, high fidelity prototype, user testing or design thinking is something that you don't´ even think about, then it is very possible that you need a software factory. You are not requiring suggestions. You just want the application to be developed. And you want it to work well. That's all. You will contract a software factory when you mainly care about ‘what’ and ‘when’.  

The digital studio would be your option if you consider that good coding is not the unique key for making a good software, and you are looking for a partner that provides you with diverse views. 

In this case, a digital studio would be your choice because you will need a multidisciplinary team comprising software engineers, a product manager, a UX/UI design group and a DevOps team. And you will want this team to integrate in your organisation and work collaboratively with your project leads since the initial definition phase. You will expect this team to work with a flexible focus to be able to build on together. You also will be willing this team to give you suggestions and proactively interact with your people. For you ‘what’ and ‘when’ are important, but you care about ‘who’ and ‘how' too.

Engagement and commitment are inherent attributes of the digital studio DNA. But look out!  This approach requires that you, as a client, get really involved too. If you wish to receive from your perfect ally the most, you will have to work hand in hand with the digital studio. In this relationship you both build and win. And we have an example of what is possible to accomplish working this way in

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