Conversational AI vs Chatbots

Learn how to make a difference with meaningful and pleasant conversational experiences

Nowadays we are experiencing a boom of conversational agents. We can find them everywhere from e-commerce to institutional websites, but they are not taken into account most of the time. It is very common, people land on a website and see the avatar asking how to help them, but they avoid it. People still prefer talking to a human. Why?

What are traditional chatbots?

Traditional chatbots have a predefined set of conversations, also known as the conversational logic tree, that always involves a static behavior. This has a negative impact on the user experience because the conversation is not natural and the capabilities to bring real solutions or answers are very limited.

Many government websites evidence the disadvantages and inconveniences of traditional chatbots. Have a look and you will discover that they offer just frequently asked questions bots. You will see that you just can interact with them by clicking buttons that direct you again and again to the same information you initially found on the website. It is frustrating talking to those agents. 

The simple chatbots you find when searching items in e-commerce are another example. They do not add additional value to the potential or current customers. Consequently, people say they still prefer talking to a human, and not to a basic chatbot.

The real solution: conversational AI assistants

Conversational AI assistants. That is the best approach to create frictionless, natural and pleasant experiences for customers and users. The AI allows the chatbot to have a predefined number of workflows that are constantly enriched with new data. So you have a dynamic and intelligent chatbot. This means that the communication follows the logic of a natural interaction. This means you get relevant answers or suggestions, you get help instead of frustration. 

And the best of all, these Conversational AI agents are so intelligent that they are also capable of collecting data from the conversation and tag them according to a predefined configuration, collect basic metrics or information about the customers or users.

Conversational AI is another world that has nothing to do with traditional buttons chatbots.  

What can we do for you at Wealize?

We are specialised in implementing bespoke AI solutions. We also have in our catalog the awarded product coloqio, a conversational AI platform to administer AI chatbots, Q&A systems, and extraction of relevant data from documents.

We adapt our Conversational AI platforms to the specific clients needs. So we have developed AI conversational assistants and platforms to be used in diverse fields, like media, legal or scientific

coloqio is the perfect tool to manage, automate and scale your conversational strategies in multiple channels and languages while offering your customers and users an enjoyable and meaningful experience. If you want to know more about the main benefits and advantages of using this tool, read our article What is a Conversational AI platform and what is it used for?

If you are aware of the important role of conversational AI platforms and you are already considering using Artificial Intelligence to scale your business, we are glad to talk to you about how we can help you achieve your goals.  

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