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How to use conversational AI to improve customer experience

Beyond 24/7 service, conversational AI assistants interact according to context, channel and stage of the customer journey

Customers expect personalized and relevant service across different communication channels and at different stages or moments of interaction with a company and organization. And they also value the fact that this personalized service can be provided at any time and day,  24/7. 

Meeting these expectations, that is, providing the right customer experience (CX), requires a lot of effort and resources, which is why conversational artificial intelligence solutions are clearly an alternative or a complement to human attention.

At Wealize we have a digital AI product designed to help companies and organizations to boost customer experience. It is coloqio, a conversational AI platform to manage, automate and control communications in any channel or language. In other articles of our blog we explain what a conversational AI platform is and which are the differences between conversational AI assistants and chatbots

Having conversational AI assistants is key to achieving a satisfactory customer experience. We also gave you some insight regarding experience in "How and why to use Whatsapp Business API to scale your conversational ecosystem", as we talk about how to build and enrich customer and user relationships using WhatsApp and our conversational AI platform coloqio. 

Here we focus on the fruitful relationship between conversational AI assistants and customer experience (CX), whatever the messaging channel used.

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What is customer experience?

CX is the experience that customers - current and potential customers- forge through interactions with a brand. These experiences can be positive or negative. Therefore, efforts should be devoted to defining strategies that seek to ensure that the experience is the best possible, even before a product or service is purchased. In short, customer experience is about building strategies to make customers and users feel comfortable interacting with a company or entity.

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What role do conversational AI assistants play in driving the customer experience?

A good customer experience is essential to choose a brand and remain loyal to it. The COVID 19 pandemic made it clear to all of us that customer experience requires much more than being able to answer queries 24/7. Strategies must go beyond time availability. They are really about putting the customer experience at the center of everything, about personalizing conversations based on the context, the moment of interaction and the channel used. 

To achieve this, traditional chatbots are not enough. We are talking, for example, about adjusting the tone of text messages. The same tone is not used when solving a payment or delivery delay problem as in an initial consultation about a service or after completing a purchase process. 

AI-enabled conversational assistants make it possible to establish these differences depending on the context, as well as the channel. For example, messages during a WhatsApp conversation are, in principle, closer and more familiar than in other media. 

In short, there is no point in having a chatbot that answers at any time or on a Sunday, if it is not able to do so with a relevant response and in the right tone according to the context. Technology is needed to support human intervention, but it has to make it easier for customers and users to feel at ease.

AI-enabled conversational assistants make customers feel well served and understood, and anticipate their needs

In order to make a difference depending on the context, the channel and the stage of the customer and user's journey, that is, to make the interaction meaningful and convenient, we propose conversational platforms such as coloqio and its AI conversational assistants, intelligent and able to learn, thanks to Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

Furthermore, at Wealize we design coloqio's conversational AI assistants according to our customers' needs to make their customers feel "well served" and "understood". We build tools that support the implementation of a conversational strategy focused on delivering the best customer experience. And as noted above, we build intelligent tools that help give the customer what they want without having to ask for it

An excellent experience is not only about solving what the customer asks for and when it is asked for it, but also about the ability to anticipate needs. AI is a magnificent ally in this task of having data that allow us to predict, this applied in the conversations of AI assistants is fundamental, as they act with that almost human vision to improve, to anticipate and, at the same time, the precision of machines. 


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Conversational AI assistants, allies of your personnel 

Conversational AI assistants need to be understood not as a replacement for people in a company or organization, but as a support, a tool that allows them to focus on what really matters: driving customer service when only a human can perform it and dedicating efforts to scaling the business.

The conversational AI assistants of our coloqio platform, in fact, have a set of rules to decide when to request human intervention, so that the interaction is not interrupted. 

The coloqio conversational AI platform has management, automation and control functions. And what's key, coloqio can obtain decisive information from the interactions of conversational AI assistants and use it to improve the user experience and reorient conversational strategies according to objectives, whether it's increasing lead conversion, facilitating the purchase and delivery process or increasing customer satisfaction scores.

You will find different coloqio success stories in which the tool has not only relieved the workload of the staff, but also helped them to reach more customers, qualify leads and guide them with a good conversational experience in their relationship with the company, obtaining spectacular conversion rates. You have an example in YoTengoBot

In Wealize you will find an partner to boost the customer experience and support both the processes and the work of customer service throughout the customer journey. We can tailor the coloqio conversational platform and its conversational AI assistants to the specific needs of your company or organization.

Talk to our AI and coloqio experts and we will develop a conversational tool tailored to your needs. 

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