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"A leading company in conversational technology"

Jared Jaskot, YoTengoBot founder, talks about his experience with Wealize in a chatbot development project.

As detailed at YoTengoBot website, Jared Jaskot started creating chatbots to help serve immigrants in his community in Baltimore, Maryland. The first versions of these bots worked at his law firm Jaskot Law. After seeing this technology doubled his law firm revenue in one year, he decided to make a white label version so it could serve many more immigrants through law firms all over the world. 

At Wealize (formerly The Neon Project), we helped Jared develop the chatbot providing machine learning support. After concluding the work, we interviewed him through to get to know about his experience working with us. We share with you that interview here. 

Please Jared, introduce your business and what  you do there. I’m the founder of a company that makes chatbots for law firms. We automate conversations in English and Spanish for Facebook Messenger, web, SMS, and WhatsApp.

What challenges were you trying to address with Wealize?
I had begun to build the chatbots, but I wanted to bring some more maturity to my project. I was attracted to Wealize because of their experience with natural language processing -NLP- and their team’s fluency in both Spanish and English.

What was the scope of their involvement?
They began by doing a UX review of my chatbot. From there, they scoped out the project to provide further AI development.

We used Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson. They also have a proprietary product (he refers to coloqio) that they created to handle conversational problems. We also use Miro to map out potential workflows. We’re working in two-week product sprints to build new features for the chatbots.

What is the team composition?
I work with five people from their team including Javier (Co-Founder), Danny (Software Engineer), and Miguel (Software Developer).

How did you come to work with Wealize?
A former employee had written a lot of things about chatbot design in Spanish, so I reached out to her.

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?
They helped me migrate from a no-code platform to my own proprietary platform. That’s helped me get more customers and it gives my product differentiation. Ultimately, I think their work will help me secure venture funding for my company.

How did Wealize perform from a project management standpoint?

As a person without technical experience, they’ve been great about guiding me and explaining the development process. We use Jira for project management. We typically communicate via Google Meet and Slack.

What did you find most impressive about them?
They’re still very few people that understand how to tackle a multi-channel, multilingual machine learning conversational software product. They really understand the challenges around this type of development, and they know how to get a stable product to market. They’re a leading company in conversational technology.

They’re really practical, and they have a great eye for budget-driven solutions. They’ve helped me save a good amount of money.

Are there any areas they could improve?
No, they’ve been amazing. It took us a minute to figure out their IP rights, especially as a European company working with me, an American.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?
Invest a lot of time upfront to develop a roadmap and detailed specifications so that you can understand what the project entails. Make sure you have realistic expectations for budget and timeframe. 

“By integrating Yotengo's knowledge base into the Coloqio control panel, I have been able to scale the business to over 10 law firms, raising one round of funding”, said Jared Jaskot, CEO of YoTengoBot, after concluding the project.

At Wealize, we launched the conversational AI platform coloqio to better address the needs of companies and startups for the scalability of the conversational ecosystem. With coloqio, you can manage conversational AI agents, channels, skills, languages, interfaces and knowledge bases, integrate your company's workflows and keep all your data under control.


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